Newsweek Polska_26July2010 

Newsweek Polska, 26th July 2010

Göring, który był dobry by Monika Libicka






The Week Magazine_15.05.2010

The Week, 15th May 2010

Hermann Göring's brother: a forgotten hero of the Holocaust

Albert Göring detested the anti-Semitic views of his brother Hermann, Hitler's designated successor, and used his influence to save scores of Jews. Yet, as William Hastings Burke explains in his new book, the two men remained devoted to each other ...



 La Aventura De La Historia

La Aventura de la Historia, No. 138

Alemanes Frente al Nazismo: Albert, el Hermano Bueno de Goering 

 Salvo a decenas de Judios y opositores al Nazismo valendose se su parentesco con el mariscal del Reich, pero en Nuremberg su apellido le condeno. William Hastings Burke entrevista a los testigos de su intervencion y desagravia a un simbolo olvidado de los alemanes que odiaron a Hitler ... 

Arutz Sheva


Israel National News, Sunday 11th April 2010

Children of Light and Darkness: Goering's Brother Saved Jews by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu





Daily Mail_09/04/2010


 The Daily Mail, Friday 9th April 2010

The Goering Who Saved Jews by Zoe Brennan  

To the end they remained friends, but a new book reveals that while Hermann masterminded the Final Solution, his brother Albert risked his life to rescue victims of the Gestapo ...



 Tygodnik FORUM 12 

Tygodnik FORUM, Issue 12, 22-29 March 2010

Bracia mimo woli 






 William Hastings Burke, The Richmond and Twickenham Times, 12/03/2010 

The Richmond and Twickenham Times, Friday 12th March 2010

Author profile - William Hastings Burke by Will Gore

Richmond author William Hastings Burke has just released his debut book, Thirty Four, which reveals the remarkable lives of Hermann Göring and his anti-Nazi brother, Albert ... 



Richmond Magazine March 2010  

The Richmond Magazine, March 2010

Göring the Good

His brother was a big beast in the Nazi high command. Yet Albert Göring risked his life to rescue both gentile and Jew. Richard Nye meets the young author fighting to see Albert receive the honour he deserves ...  



The Guardian, Saturday 20th February 2010

Albert Göring, Hermann's anti-Nazi brother by William Hastings Burke

Hermann Göring was an infamous Nazi, his brother Albert a sercret saviour of Jews and dissidents. William Hastings Burke tells the remarkable story of two very different brothers ...


ABC Radio interview on 'Sundays with James  O'Loghlin', 13/12/2009